The libido-killing effect of poverty in South Africa

Is it possible to get so poor that you lose all of your sex drive? According to South African men, this is not only a real possibility but also the reason why 16.5% of the people suffer from depression, as this study reveals.

The prospect of living on a $1.25 per hour salary is enough to bring down even the most optimistic, virile man in South Africa. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any end in sight for the poor living conditions, but the release of a natural libido enhancer for men might at least alleviate the pressure.

VigRX Plus

The many needs of the poor in South Africa

Nowadays, the sheer idea of starting a family seems unacceptable for most South African men. When you cannot afford the necessary living expenses, you cannot even fathom the possibility of having children. This sad status quo destroys the last trace of sexual urge for many guys, preventing them from having a healthy sex life.

A low libido induces depression, which in turn may lead to severe mental disorders. The pressure to perform in bed coupled with the frustrations of poverty kills sex drive and curse men with having half-erections and never lasting enough in bed. Without a much-needed cure for erectile dysfunction, this situation can degenerate and have an enormous impact on the whole South African society.

Don’t let poverty kill your libido

Fortunately, the release of VigRX in South Africa has signaled the dawn of a new era for Afrikaans guys. This natural libido enhancer restores sex drive and improves sexual performance from the first day of treatment.

Constant intake of these pills helps you get an erection and maintain it for as long as you want. It also boosts your energy levels and enables a high production of endorphins that improve your mood and help you see the world from a more positive perspective.