South African women under the lash of poverty

When a country embraces discrimination for as long as South Africa did in the 20th century a series of prejudices are born that later become very difficult to destroy. It is the case of Afrikaans women who see their social position diminish every day under the false conceptions of a male-oriented society.

Idol Lash

Unfortunately for the millions of South African ladies, the future does not look bright either. The increasing wave of poverty that is sweeping the country at the moment will soon bring them to their knees. Now they can barely afford good education and proper medical services, but shortly they could struggle to maintain their good looks, as well.

The rough life of poor South African women

This worrisome study shows just how difficult it is for poor women to live in South Africa. Most of them become pregnant as soon as they reach puberty. By their 20th birthday, most Afrikaans girls already have a history of abortions, miscarriages and two or three children that they have to feed, even if they do not have the skills or the training to get a job.

Poverty also affects the health of South African women. Besides the threat of HIV, they also fear to lose their looks to minor medical conditions. Most of the poor ladies in the country have flimsy, almost transparent eyelashes. The small hairs on the eyelids that define beauty fade and fall away due to poor living conditions and unbalanced nutrition.

A new hope for lash-less Afrikaans ladies

In their efforts to overcome poverty, South African women have discovered a potent beauty enhancer in Idol Lash. This natural treatment supports eyelash growth and increases a woman’s attractiveness from the first month of use. Due to its powerful blend of herbal essences and vitamins, the follicles on your eyelids produce longer, darker and sturdier lashes. It might not seem much, but it is a glimmer of hope for the disillusioned Afrikaans ladies that see their youthful good looks fade in a sea of poverty.