SizeGenetics Outcome

What can you expect from the market leader in penis enlargement devices.

Often, it’s due to being skeptical, fearing that it won’t work and they’ve simply been duped into parting with their hard-earned cash. Some are wary of attaching a device to their penis. Although both are valid concerns, in reality using a penis extension device like SizeGenetics is no different than something you’re already familiar with: going to the gym.

A lot of men feel they could benefit from a penis extension device, but never end up taking the plunge.

Penis extension devices work on a biological concept called the traction principle. In short, this means that when particular tissue has tension applied to it for prolonged periods, it causes the cells within that tissue to split and multiply creating more tissue. When you exercise, for instance, the work done by your muscle causes small tears in the tissue that your body seeks to repair. However, when it does so, it builds additional muscle tissue in order to better cope with the demands placed on it by exercise.

The same principle applies to using the SizeGenetics system: using the extension device, your penis is gently stretched, causing the cells in the tissue to split, increasing the amount of tissue and ultimately, resulting in a larger penis. In the same way that the repair your muscle undergoes leads to them becoming larger and stronger, once the tissue in your penis heals, it will become larger and stronger. Additionally, as there is more tissue, there is more place for the blood to flow when you become aroused. So as well as a larger penis, you’ll be capable of sustaining stronger, harder erections for longer periods of time. And as SizeGenetics is capable of applying more pressure than other devices at an impressive 2800g, the only thing that will be short is the amount of time it takes to see the results you’re looking for.