More problems pile up for South Africans living in poverty

A recent study developed by the Institute of Statistics in South Africa shows concerning data over the rise of poverty in this country. It is estimated that more than 65% of Afrikaans people live below standard lifestyle conditions. Without enough money to pay for food, education or medical services, they face serious, life-threatening dangers.


Although the South African government is trying hard to implement new programs that will help people overcome their condition, the steps in this direction move rather slow. It is estimated that in the next decade at least half of the population will be suffering from medical conditions like heart disease, respiratory problems, and hemorrhoids – all caused by poverty.

How NGOs try to get rid of poverty in South Africa

While the South Africans wait in vain for reliable measures to be implemented by the government, some NGOs are taking matters into their own hands to eliminate poverty. Their goal is to educate and empower people to get the best out of the few resources they have around them. Those who live in agriculturally viable areas get logistic support to grow their food. Others who struggle with minor health conditions like hemorrhoids receive medical help and guidelines on how to use the best treatment for piles.

Natural cures for health-threatening hemorrhoids

Non-profit organizations that try to improve living conditions for South African people rely on donations and international aid to fund their activity. As a result, they do not possess large-enough funds to provide their beneficiaries with expensive medical care.

Instead, they opt for cheaper and more efficient solutions for medical conditions like hemorrhoids. One of these powerful cures is Venapro, an all-natural remedy for piles that reduces pain and swelling from the very first day of use. Constant treatment for an extended period gets rid of rectal inflammation and prevents the anal veins from swelling or bleeding again.