Do not let poverty dictate how beautiful you can be!

In this 2007 social study researchers revealed just how difficult it was for women at that time to gain a proper role in South African society. The male-oriented community often denied them access to education, medical services, and career opportunities.


Ten years have passed since that study was published and South African women still struggle with male-imposed shortcomings. More than that, many of them have succumbed to a record-low level of poverty. Their social status now also prevents them from using cosmetic and beautifying products that are mundane commodities in other countries.

What poverty does to your good looks?

As many South African women would tell you, poverty is much more than just money shortage. Without the necessary resources, you cannot acquire proper nutrition, which in return affects your health and your appearance. Ladies that are still in their 20s may look 45 years old, and only because they don’t have access to a nourishing diet.

The lack of nutrients destroys your good looks by affecting every strain of hair on your body. Even your eyelashes are in danger of falling as a result of living in poverty. In time they lose their density, color, and sturdiness, making you look older than you are.

Enhance your beauty quick and easy

Fortunately, the nutrients that you can get from food can be obtained from other sources. The Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer is your best solution to grow thick, dark lashes even if you live in a poor environment. This cost-effective remedy for short and flimsy eyelashes nourishes the follicles on your eyelids back to full health and forces them to grow hairs from healthy roots.

Since its release, Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer has helped thousands of South African women to regain their natural beauty simply by lengthening their lashes. Constant applications over a prolonged period help you grow thick, black eyelashes with minimal effort or investment.