3 Reasons why poor people look older than they are

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According to a study made by The African Health Sciences Medical School over 57% of the South African population was living below the poverty line in 2001. Sixteen years of political turmoil, economic crises and an outbreak of the HIV epidemics have done little to decrease that figure. Many people still live in terribly poor conditions that endanger their well-being and make them look older than they are. Here are three reasons that show how poverty claims your youthful appearance from an early age:

Lack of nutritious food

The secret to keeping a face free of wrinkles and stretch marks lies in your nutrition plan. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals nourishes your body and increases your immunity against most of the signs of old age. Unfortunately, South Africans do not have access to a wide variety of ingredients, and their meals often lack the much-needed nutrients.

As you grow old, it becomes difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle and a highly nutritious diet. To maintain a face clean from pimples, blemishes and black circles under the eyes, you can use an anti-aging remedy like Revitol Eye Cream. This cost-effective treatment prevents the aging process from settling in and ensures that you keep a radiant, fresh look regardless of how old you are.

No healthcare products

Another reason why the millions of South Africans leaving poverty cannot keep their youthful good looks is the lack of any cosmetic and healthcare products. Without a can of cream that can cover black circles under the eyes or a lotion that eliminates wrinkles maintaining a firm and clean face is almost impossible.

Poor hygiene conditions

The poor state of the South African economy forces many families to live close to industrial areas where potable water and fresh air are almost inexistent. These elements are crucial to delaying the aging process, and their omission together with the absence of anti-aging creams makes people look older than they are.